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NBA 2014-2015

Diskusija skirta aptarti NBA 2014-2015 sezoną

2015-01-13 03:29:57 Cituoti
Ir nieko ispudingo nedaro, zaidzia kaip iprastai, tiek kad Pistons bigai silpniau besiginantys ir neturi auksto IQ gynyboj, taciau visumoj JV galetu panasiai kasnakt atrodyt, jei butu solidziau pasertas sveidiniais, kaip tarkim Donce Hardenenas pamaitina.
2015-01-13 03:27:47 Cituoti
Nu va ir dvacokeli, ir dviguba dubli per 14min turi, fg 10/11, eff -28! Geriausios 14min karjeroj?
2015-01-13 03:21:26 Cituoti
>> GodLess: Zinau, ir pernai tas pats buvo, ypac antroj sezono pusej. Esme, kad rpoduktyvumas zveriskas buvo, ten per pirmas 6min ~18eff.
GodLess2015-01-13 03:00:59 Cituoti
o brukline garneta isvare is aikstes, nes su howardu susipese
GodLess2015-01-13 02:59:59 Cituoti
pirmam kelini visad per Jona losia, kai gerai eina, tai eina. Palauk, tuoj lowry prisimins kad ir metyt jam reik :D
2015-01-13 02:56:46 Cituoti
+ Pas Jona fg- 7/8, Lowry 8ast per 8min ir 0 metimu... Kodel taip negaletu buti dazniau?
2015-01-13 02:55:09 Cituoti
Kas nors ziuri Toronta sianakt?

JV per pirmas 6min - 14pt/ 6reb/ 2 dejimai. Amiras 6pt - visiskai niekina Drummonda(kuri pasodino po pirmu 4min) ir Monroe.
2015-01-13 01:33:24 Cituoti
five players who should get dealt and where they’d fit:

Wilson Chandler

Why he should get moved: The Denver Nuggets have had a maddening up-and-down campaign but they might need to commit fully to taking a different direction after dealing Mosgov and losing Danilo Gallinari to another knee injury. Brian Shaw has been coaching George Karl’s old team for a while now and needs to start getting players that work for him. Chandler is a versatile forward who can score, stretch the floor and defend multiple positions.

Team that needs him: Portland reportedly could have Chandler by sacrificing a first-round pick but the Los Angeles Clippers should do whatever it takes to move to the front of the line. The three teams directly ahead of the Clippers in the standings – Houston, Memphis and Dallas – have all made bold moves in the past month. Doc Rivers can’t settle for simply acquiring his son, Austin, if he wants to avoid falling too far back.

Other teams that could use him: Portland, Miami, Oklahoma City

Lance Stephenson just signed in Charlotte, but could already be on his way out. (Brandon Dill/AP Photo)
Lance Stephenson

Why he should get moved: Charlotte experienced buyer’s remorse shortly after signing Stephenson to a three-year deal last summer. With a locker room full of laid back competitors, the addition of Stephenson disrupted the chemistry the Hornets developed during a surprising playoff run last season. Detroit has taken off without Josh Smith but Stephenson’s absence has led to success for the Hornets. They have gone 9-4 since Stephenson was sidelined with a pelvis injury and the defense has been third in defensive efficiency without him after starting the season 24th in that category.

Team that needs him: Pat Riley doesn’t want to miss the playoffs this season lest LeBron James get all of the credit for the Miami Heat’s most recent four-year run. Stephenson is the kind of fiery personality the Heat needs to break out of a season-long malaise.

Other teams that could use him: Brooklyn, Indiana

Gerald Green
Why he should get moved: Green is a valued reserve whose above-the-rim acrobatics have been essential to helping the Suns have the third-highest scoring bench in the NBA. But Green will be a free agent this summer and has earned a significant pay raise from his $3.5 million salary after averaging nearly 15 points in two seasons in Phoenix. There might not be enough money or shots to bring back Green with the team leaning on a three-point-guard set and hoping to bring back Goran Dragic in free agency.

Team that needs him: The Wizards have considerable depth in big men and wing players but are lacking a dynamic athlete off the bench to create is own and shot and possibly catch a few lobs from John Wall. The East is the most wide open it’s been in years and Washington could use another weapon to push to another level.

Other teams that could use him: Brooklyn, Charlotte

Thaddeus Young

Why he should get moved: What did Thaddeus Young do to deserve this? He went from a tanking Philadelphia team last season to a snake-bitten Minnesota squad that has the worst record in the West after losing three starters to serious injuries. Young is a skilled offensive player who could help a contender with his ability to score inside and out.

Team that needs him: Toronto has the second-best record in the East because of incredible chemistry and camaraderie and its recent slide has coincided with the absence of DeMar DeRozan. But Young could help the perimeter-oriented Raptors generate some easier scores inside and take some pressure off Kyle Lowry, who has had to take on more of the offensive load in addition to his play-making duties.

Other teams that could use him: Portland, San Antonio, Brooklyn

Brandon Bass

Why he should get moved: Boston is clearly starting over and has little use for the veteran forward who turns 30 in April and becomes a free agent next summer. Bass is not a part of the long-term future, with the team focused on developing Jared Sullinger, Tyler Zeller and Kelly Olynyk. The 6-7 Bass is a tad undersized but has a decent mid-range game and also brings intensity on the defensive end.

Team that needs him: Jabari Parker’s season-ending knee injury and Larry Sanders’s personal problems have placed the surprising Bucks in a bind up front. Milwaukee has added Kenyon Martin with a 10-day contract but Bass could help the Bucks gain some needed separation from the teams trailing them in the standings.

Other teams that could use him: Los Angeles Clippers, Portland
2015-01-13 01:29:38 Cituoti
Pamokanti istorija - "Atsikratyk Jošo Smito savo gyvenime":

The Pistons waiving Josh Smith is a life lesson, one I immediately heeded.

When I found out the Detroit Pistons waived Josh Smith a year after signing him to a mammoth four-year $54 million deal, I was stunned. Stunned because they were choosing to pay the rest of his contract without actually having him on the team. Stunned because I never thought of doing such a thing in my personal life. It's such a ballsy, genius move that's so obvious that it gets overlooked. It's feels like something Yoda would teach.

"Waive or do not waive. There is no success for him behind the three-point line."

I personally love Josh Smith, because a man who refuses to listen to all reason and evidence of his glaring flaws is a man I can support. To this day, when people tell me that I can be rude and demeaning, I ignore them because I'm not listening to someone I'm better than. We're practically kindred spirits.

Still, it was evident the Pistons got so much better after waiving Josh Smith. SO MUCH BETTER! They're playing every game as if it's a celebration of freedom. I'm sure each player on the Pistons must attend a two-hour therapy session every week where the therapist assures them that, yes, they're a winning team now.

Therapist: Let's try word association here.

Brandon Jennings: Alright.

Therapist: Winning.

Jennings: Charlie Sheen?

Therapist: No -- Detroit Pistons!

*Brandon Jennings, shocked, breaks down in tears. The therapist motions him in for a hug.*

The whole situation gave me an idea: Why don't I just waive people and things in my life that are holding me back the same way the Pistons dumped Josh Smith? Like, just straight remove them viciously. Drop them off at school and never return to pick them up. Change the locks and serve them with a restraining order and a notice that I've put out a hit out on them.

I decided I had to do it. I turned on NBA 2K15, went to the Rockets roster and waived Josh Smith. It sounded like the game itself started cheering.

I had to go after the biggest Josh Smith in my life first. I invited her out to a public place like I imagine Stan Van Gundy did to Josh. We ordered coffee. I told her she looked nice and listened intently as she told me about her day. We shared stories about our time together, the years of living together and growing into our own next to each other.

I was not to be distracted, though. When she was relaxed and unaware, I reached into my bag and pulled out a statement, signed by me, that terminated her contract in my life. My mother was stunned, but after weeks of her texting me spam from Facebook and refusing to feed me on the grounds of "you're old enough to get your own food," it was the right time. I left the restaurant quickly and refused to look back.

I went to play the lotto right after and won $5,000. Hey, maybe this really works!

Next, I had to waive someone who had me very close to me for a long time. Someone I had trusted with my life every morning for the past five years. A man who knew me better than I knew myself.

I had to waive Tim, my Tim Horton's barista. It was time. I'm not sure if he didn't care anymore or that losing his apartment and car in the same month had taken a toll on him, but the fact was that he had fallen off. I walked in, hushed him before he could even ask me if I wanted the usual and told him it was over. I expressed in detail that I was moving in a different direction with the other baristas who were willing to work hard for the team, the ones who still drew hearts on my coffee cups. I thanked him for his years of service and walked out.

As I was driving home that day, I got a text that I was being cast as the new James Bond and that I was now Idris Elba. I was almost angry I couldn't waive a Josh Smith everyday.

The last Josh Smith for the day was someone who has been holding me back from my weight goals for a while. Someone who, with their delicious personality and knack for being there during the sad times, made it impossible for me to be active.

And I would have waived the box of pizza rolls in the fridge had I not received a call to meet my brother for dinner. I met him with my mind still on waiving those delectable pizza rolls when I got home. He asked me about my day, we talked about the things we had been through together and how much we had grown alongside each other. It was a wonderful time honestly, a much needed break to relax after a day of waiving $54 million big men.

As I got ready to call it a night, my brother pulled out some papers from his bag and informed me that he was waiving me from his life. Before I could even respond, he was out of the door and celebrating wildly in the streets. Amazing.

The lesson here is that waiving the Josh Smith in your life will make you a lot happier. Just make sure you're not the Josh Smith of someone else's life.
2015-01-11 13:58:53 Cituoti
>> Zergas: kažkur esu girdėjęs, kad NBA ir ESPN svetaines pirmiausia konfiūruojamos būtent Exploreriui. gal ten koks susitarimas su Microsoftu, nežinau, bet faktas toks - jeigu kažkoks video neina, atsidarai su IE - ir vualia, rodo :)
Zergas2015-01-11 13:54:13 Cituoti
>> Anbo:

aciu, per internet explorer viskas puikiai veikia
2015-01-11 13:28:07 Cituoti
>> Zergas: ziurint kur. Nes jeigu turi addblockeri tai negali paziuret video per ESPN. O daugiau youtubai ir pan viskas veikia, tik espn saite nieko neina ziuret.
2015-01-11 13:00:00 Cituoti
>> Zergas: pabandyk su kita naršykle, pvz. Internet Explorer
Zergas2015-01-11 11:54:50 Cituoti
gal galit kas pasidalint patarimais kodel pas mane nerodo gamelog epizodu?nes paspaudus ant video,ismeta dideli langa kurio desinej pusej matyti visi epizodai,taciau paspaudus ant ju niekas cia reikia but kazkur uzsiregistravus kad matyti tuos epizodus?
2015-01-11 11:42:40 Cituoti
Celtics vis dėlto prasuko mainus su Grizliais ir Pelikanais. Danny Ainge kerta iš peties, skiedros tik laksto.

Celtics gavo: gynėją Austiną Riversą (iš Pelicans) ir puolėja Tayshauną Prince (iš Grizzlies), Memfio pirmo rato ateities šaukimą;
Grizzlies gavo: puolėją Jeffą Greeną (iš Celtics)
Pelicans gavo: puolėją Quincy Pondexter (iš Grizzlies)
2015-01-11 11:36:53 Cituoti
Per keletą metų Motiejus sutvirtėjo, perprato NBA žaidimą. Dabar matom rezultatą - D-Mo jau kotiruojamas kaip solidus ir efektyvus žaidėjas. Jeigu dar pagerins pataikymą iš baudų ir tolimesnių distancijų, bus išvis puiku.
2015-01-11 05:16:27 Cituoti
Dar vienas pastebėjimas, jei NBA negaliotų žvaigždės statusas, šiuo metu DMO būtų be jokios konkurencijos geriausias komandos aukštaūgis, Howardas pastaruoju metu atrodo visai be jokio noro žaisti krepšinį, L. Sanderso sindromas?

Per rungtynės buvo kaip minimum trys kartai, kai McHale nejuokais aprėkė savo komandą už blogą transition defense, beje, vieninteliai žaidėjai kurie grįždavo būdavo arba vienas Dmo arba kartu su Beverly, pagal logiką, lietuvis turėtų po mažu tapti trenerių favoritu, tik tiek kad nba ne visada logika galioja...
2015-01-11 05:03:24 Cituoti
Dar vienos puikios DMO rungtynės :) iš rockets žaidėjų "kūno kalbos" galima sakyti, jog visi į lietuvį jau žiūri kaip į 3-4 žaidėją komandoje, tas pats Smithas jau, atrodo, susitaikė su DMO backup vaidmeniu, kuris gynyboje nenustoja žavėti. Išprovokavo atrodo 3 ar 4 pražangas puolime, tiesa, viena iš jų buvo labai meistriškas flopas. Kas džiugina, kad dmo nieko neforsina ir laukia kol pats kamuolys pas jį ateis, negaili kamuolio, dirba komandai, daug su kamuoliu būna ant perimetro, tai padeda neatšalti.
2015-01-11 01:41:47 Cituoti
surprise surprise, dar vienas tromooso komentaras neapseina be gėju bendruomenės paminėjimo.. akivaizdu jog kažkas ne taip su žmogaus asmeniniu gyvenimu, ar tai moteris koki kompleksą įvarius ar kas, bet akivaizdžiai nepilnavertis vyras..
2015-01-11 00:45:53 Cituoti
I diskusija nesivelsiu, per mazai GSW rungtyniu mates 9tiek siemet, tiek pernai), bet per pastaruosius pora metu teko ne viena penketa saltiniu, visokiu ekspertu ir pseudo ekspertu, rimtesniu ir maziau, kurie daugiau/maziau labai teigiamai vertino Klay asmenine gynyba. Pats is atminties prie kokia trejeta metu menu, kad ne kazka jis ten buvo, per WC irgi nestebuklas(nors cia ir neargumentas). Tad, galibut kad kosmopolitas gejus panasius saltinius skaites, kaip ir as todel stoja piestu uz Thompsona. Neabejoju, kad senas_naujas mates daugiau ir supranta geriau, todel zino ka raso.

Kas del Hardeno, pres ~men Hardeno ginamu zmoniu pataikymo procentas labiausiai budavo nusmukes visoj lygoj, dengiant barzdai. Pagal kitus rodiklius irgi tipo trejetukuose(cia zinoma ne apie blk/stl kalba). - Cia velgi perspausta ir vienas tu atveju, kai statsai meluoja, bet kad stengtis labiau pradejo ir nebera toks koks buvo dar pernai. Nusiteikimas kitas, nors ir pasitaiko kai praranda koncentracija.
2015-01-10 23:02:02 Cituoti
Klay kaip defenderis yra vidutiniu sugebejimu :D :D :D

Are you fuckin kidding me..
Liuosiai2015-01-10 22:20:18 Cituoti
>> senas_naujas: Dėl Hardeno esi neteisus,stipriai pagerines gynybą lyginant su praėjusiais sezonais/metais,čia jau daugiau įvaizdis matant youtube klipukus likes atmintin.Mačiau ~80%,houstono varžybų,kad ir kaip būtų keista geriausi komandos defenderiai yra Ariza ir D-Mo.

Apskritai nėr čia ko apie elitines gynybas šnekėt,playoff'uose atsiskleidžia tikrosios žaidėjų galimybės gynyboje ir abejoju ar rastum žmonių kurie rinktųsi Klėjų vietoj Igoudalos dengiant varžvovų pavojingiausią žaidėją.
senas_naujas2015-01-10 21:27:33 Cituoti
>> Stephen_Curry:
Tai man ir nereikia jokios statistikos. Kaip ir komandos draugu, ar esamu/buvusiu treneriu pasisakymu. Faktas lieka faktu, kad Klay kaip defenderis yra vidutiniu sugebejimu. Ne juodoji skyle, kaip hardenas, bet iki elitinio, jau nekalbant net apie top 3 jam dar dirb o dirbt reikia, Uztenka paziuret, kaip varzovu backcourtas pries GSW uzjuda ir viskas. Senukas Kobe 44 siemet jiems atseges, keli macai atgal L.Williams su Vasqezu siaute. Kai vos vos istrauke pires Pelioans, Tyreke su Holiday abu 30+ maca apturejo, barzda tiksliai atsimenu 30+ sukrates buvo. Net ir vakar J.R sezono rungtynes sukale. Ir cia tik ka dabar duotuoju momentu atsimenu. Pasikuitus neabejoju, kad daugiau butu galima rasti. Kad ir kaip bevartytum,nera Klay elitinis defenderis. Nei per kur,
2015-01-10 21:23:22 Cituoti
Ir rašau tai ne tam, kad pradėti lyginti Butler ir Klay gynyboje, o tam, kad užtikrinti tave jog tavo pasakymas "Tiek Klay, tiek Curry individualiai ne kazka kaip gynejai. Matchupai serijoj su OKC ar Clips ar Grizzles jiems butu tiesiog kosmariski." yra vienas didžiausių nusišnekėjimu šioje temoje.
2015-01-10 21:15:23 Cituoti
Vien jau ką reiškia, kad Klay sugeba dengti ne tik SG/SF bet ir tokius žaidėjus kaip Paul, ginyba prieš mažiukus jo išvis daugiau nei įspūdinga, būtent dėl to, curriui ir yra kiek lengviau. kNb5X0
2015-01-10 21:12:07 Cituoti
>> senas_naujas: tingiu čia tau statistikos sumėtinėt, bet man užtenka ekspertų pasisakymai Klay atžvilgiu, įvairūs straipsniai, citatos ir pan, apie Klay gynyba jos apstu.. tas pata IGGY yra vienas iš geriausių defenderių lygoje, o štai ką sako Warriors buvęs asistentas:

According to one former Warriors assistant, Thompson even outperformed teammate Andre Iguodala, who captured All-Defensive first-team honors last season.

"Klay is a much better defender," the coach told Bleacher Report's Ric Bucher. "It's not even close. It's all based on reputation and stats.

Statistika visai neatspindi Klay'aus gynybos, bet man užtenka žiūrėti rungtynes, sekti ekspertų palyginimus ir pan. Nesu statistikos vergas.
senas_naujas2015-01-10 21:00:49 Cituoti
>> Stephen_Curry:
Buttleris ir Shumpas kazkur salia? Toks palyginimas yra izeidimas ju atzvilgiu. Net ir senelis Kobe, ar suluzes Wade gynyboj yra vis dar geresni zaidejai uz Klay. Jau nekalbu apie lygos elitu laikomus Butleri, Allen. Tie patys Affalo, Shumpas ar Bradley yra visa galva geresni gynybiniu poziuriu.
Nors Klay palaipsniui ir tampa elitiniu tasku darytoju, net ir patys GSW fanai sutinka, kad jam dar daug kur tobulet, nes siai dienai jis yra per daug vienpusiskas zaidejas. Iki top 3 gynybinio SG jam dar daug zoles apdirbt reikia.
2015-01-10 20:13:25 Cituoti
Kitaip sakant, Klay'us yra geriausias lygos SG jei žiūrėtume ir į gynybą ir į puolimą. Gal kažkiek J. Butler šį sezona priartėjo, bet šiaip be konkurencijos.
2015-01-10 20:13:25 Cituoti
Kitaip sakant, Klay'us yra geriausias lygos SG jei žiūrėtume ir į gynybą ir į puolimą. Gal kažkiek J. Butler šį sezona priartėjo, bet šiaip be konkurencijos.
2015-01-10 20:11:28 Cituoti
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